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Product Code : A2-0.75K-A
Brand Name : ASK
Product Description
  • All Chinese setting interface is optional
  • Wide voltage input: 3 phases 323-528V
  • Quick start up and shut down (A4 series 0.01s quick start up and shutdown)
  • Motor speed tracking restart, smooth without impact
Low frequency high torque: closed loop vector starting torque: closed loop vector starting torque 0.00Hz 180% It is widely used in ceramic cement, power power plants, glass, packaging, printing,cable, water treatment and other transmission and fan control
  • voltage class200V
  • Frequency converter modelA2-0.75K-A
  • W118
  • H190
  • D175
  • W1105
  • H1173
  • D160.5
  • T14
  • d5.5
  • weihght1.5